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Works for Wind Ensemble: Compositions

This is the World (2015)

2 fl+picc, 1 ob, 1bsn, 3 cl+bcl, 4sax(aatb) - 4.3.3.euph.1 - cb - pf - timp+4

This is the World is a piece for wind ensemble that attempts to explore many facets of self-discovery as we find out who we are in the context of our wider world and come to terms with that discovery.

Works for Wind Ensemble: Text

Glacier (2016)

2 fl+picc, 2 ob, 2 bsn, ebcl+3 cl+bcl, 4sax (aatb) - 4.3.3.euph.1 - cb - pf - timp+4

Glacier is a piece that was inspired by the melting and migration of the polar caps in the arctic and is one of many of my compositions to be inspired by nature.

Works for Wind Ensemble: Text

Eruption (2017)

3fl+picc, 2ob, 2bsn+cbsn, ebcl+3cl+bscl, 4sax (satb) - - cb - pf - timp+5

Eruption is a short work for wind ensemble that follows a few melodic and rhythmic motives. These motives continue to grow from their conception in the beginning of the work until a large climax at the end of the piece, tying all the motives together.

Works for Wind Ensemble: Text

Trombone Concerto (2018)

solo tbn - 3fl+picc, 2ob, 2bsn+cbsn, ebcl+4cl+bscl, 4sax (satb) - - cb - pf - timp+4

Concerto for Trombone is a piece for solo trombonist and wind ensemble cast in a traditional 3 movement setting - the catch, however, is that the soloist is required to not only play one trombone, but all three of the main trombone family instruments - the alto, tenor, and bass trombones (in that order!).

The first movement is cast in a lilting introductory style with a contrasting middle section. The outer sections is a quasi-passacaglia with the soloist dancing around the ensemble, while the middle section is slow, with a much slower harmonic rhythm. Most of the thematic and melodic material for the entire concerto can be found in this movement.

The second movement is very slow and utilizes open, quintal harmony to create a mysterious, and smoky texture. The piano is the most featured instrument in this movement (behind the soloist, of course!).

The third, and final, movement of the work is a fast, rollercoaster ride, contrasting with the previous two movements. The soloist weaves in and out of whirling woodwinds and thunderous percussion building up to a cadenza, where the soloist works with material from the entire concerto. Following the cadenza, the movement speeds out to the end with a large, and quick finale.

Concerto for Trombone was commissioned by Mason Riedel and is dedicated to him for believing in me to be able to take on this task.

Works for Wind Ensemble: Text

Unbound (2019)

2fl+picc, 2ob+EH, 2bsn+cbsn, 3cl+bcl, 4sax (satb) - - cb - pf - timp+3

Though this piece is not explicitly programmatic, it serves to me as a time capsule for the time in m life n which it was written. The music is intentionally both deeply meditative and disturbing at times and I implore the performers and listeners to allow themselves to, at least for a moment, sit and quietly reflect and allow the piece to form a unique, personal narrative.

Works for Wind Ensemble: Text
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