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Violin Orchestra


Works for Orchestra: Compositions

Fanfare (2017)

2(2=picc).2.Ebcl.Cl.2. - - hp - timp+3 - str

Fanfare is a short concert opener, comprised of two distinct sections. The first is a brash brass fanfare with the strings and woodwinds whirling around the brass and percussion. The second is a quick, and hushed rhythmic section with an ostinato pushing through the sections of the orchestra while the fanfare motive attempts to enter back to the forefront. The piece closes with a recap of the first section coming to a brilliant close.

Works for Orchestra: Text

Migration (2018)

2(1=picc).2.2.2. - - timp+3 - str

Migration is a piece that follows the narrative of migrating - whether it be the great migration of birds, the migration of polar ice caps in the arctic, or the migration of people from one place to another. The piece, texturally, uses contrasting timbres to contrast with a slow ascending harmonic pattern that pervades throughout the piece.

Works for Orchestra: Text
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